It has become very popular to have dance lessons to make your first dance a memory that will last forever. All of our wedding dances are tailored to the song of your choice and created to suit each individual couple perfectly. The style and complexity of the dance is entirely your choice and we will always make sure it is in keeping with your song.

What Do we learn?

We specialise in both choreographed staged routines and more social Ballroom and Latin Dancing as we know that some couples are looking for an extravagant routine to perform for their guests, whilst others simply want a few steps to avoid doing the ‘wedding shuffle!’ The most important thing to us is that you look good and feel comfortable rather than a bit awkward or silly! 

Which Song do we choose?

Choosing your first dance song can be a difficult task so if you are struggling to choose then bring a few along with you to your first lesson and we will be more than happy to help. Some songs are obviously easier to dance to than others if you have a song that is particularly slow or exceptionally fast then please barre in mind these may be more difficult to dance to.

If you have already chosen your song then let us know before your first lesson so we can put some ideas together before you even arrive. Please bring all possible songs on CD or an iPod/Smart Phone for your first lesson.

What Dance would we do?

Some of the most popular dances incorporated into wedding dance routines are the American Smooth, Waltz,  Rumba and Rock ’n Roll. Many people choose to amalgamate more than one dance to give more interesting moves and others choose to have one dance and keep it simple and classic. We have also choreographed routines to Dirty Dancing, Moulin Rouge and many that burst into fun disco/pop dancing midway through, so do let us know if you would like something a bit different!

How Long Do We Need?

Lessons are booked per half an hour or hour appointments, usually booked weekly and it is entirely your choice how many lessons you have.

We always recommend starting your dance lessons sooner rather than later to allow yourselves time to remember and practice your moves. We have however taught many people their dance in the week of their wedding and some even the day before! So do not worry if you think you have left it too late, there is always something we can do!

If you would like a choreographed routine or a complicated performance then we recommend you start 3-4 months prior to the wedding to give you ample time to practice and perfect your moves.

How do we book?

Please contact the studio today to book your first lesson and put ’Wedding Dance’ in the query section or call us direct at the studios on 01202 514551.