Strictly JIve

Any dance floor simply comes to life as soon as the Jive music starts. It is a fast pace and energetic dance, which is great for burning those extra calories off, made up of tight little steps danced mainly up on the toes with a swinging hip action and the characteristic “rock behind” seen in all styles of Jive. The figures are a variety of fun turns and spins for the man and lady where the man is definitely in control with a strong arm lead making it great fun for couples to enjoy together!

Rock n Roll

Rock n Roll has more sway and fewer steps, allowing it to be danced when the music is too fast for “Strictly style Ballroom Jive”. The sway replaces the hip swing, allowing every couple to develop their own unique style and finesse! There are two sideways steps and the characteristic “Jive Rock Behind” making up the basic movement of Rock n Roll but extra tap steps and your own unique grooves are always welcome on our dance floor!

Perfect for beginners

Rock n Roll is the most useful of the Latin dances as it is so versatile and looks good on any dance floor! It is also very popular for wedding dances as it is made up of simple and interesting turns and spins for both the man and lady. 

On all our beginners classes we teach the basic figures of Rock n Roll first with easy to follow step-by-step instruction, including demonstrations, repetition of moves and ample practise time on our spacious dance floor. 

From your first dance lesson our team of professional teachers will guide you through the basic steps and turns of Rock n Roll, with Jive being added at a later date, both leaving you looking good, feeling confident and able to dance on any floor!

What moves are there?

The dances are made of some identical and other similar moves each tailored to fit the style of either the Rock n Roll or Jive;

To start with, for the absolute beginner you will learn some of the following moves:

  • Fallaway rock
  • Right and left Spins (Under Arm or free turns)
  • Hip Bumps
  • Change of Hands
  • Miami Special
  • American Spin
  • The Shoulder twist

These are always taught individually with emphasis on both the man and ladies steps making it accessible for everybody to learn. All the moves are then put together into a fun routine for all to enjoy!

For the improvers we progress onto more complicated moves including:

  • Jive Walks
  • Whip
  • Mooch
  • Kicks and Flicks
  • Spanish Arms
  • Catapult and many more fun figures

We always continue to work on and improve our couples hold, poise and style whilst maintaining the emphasis on having fun on all improver’s classes! No class is identical to another as we always tailor to the individual needs of each group in a personal and social environment.

Start Today!

Rock n Roll is taught as part of our popular Beginners Latin and Ballroom Dancing Classes, listed below. Jive is introduced later on as part of our improvers courses.

New Classes

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Private tuition is also available by appointment.
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