American Smooth

The American Smooth is a fabulous dance that incorporates all the basic elements of every ballroom dance. It is a very smoochy and social dance which is great for dancing on a crowded floor as the steps can be made really compact! The music you can dance it to is very diverse from big band and swing music, to modern pop songs making it a popular dance for all ages and occasions!

The American Smooth is always taught on our beginner’s dance classes and is great for those without any experience as it allows everybody to join in at a steady pace whilst starting to get the hang of ballroom dancing. Dependent on the music chosen the dance can have a gentle sway from left to right making it a very social rather than formal dance. This relaxed feel to the dance creates a lovely atmosphere on all our classes with everybody enjoying being able to get all the way round the dance floor! 

Perfect For All Occasions!

The American Smooth is a very popular dance for weddings as it fits all the wedding classics and many modern ballads. Even if we do have to adjust the timing slightly, it can easily be blended to the song of your choice. The smoochy, romantic feel of the dance makes it perfect for your first dance. Extra steps from dances such as rock n roll and rumba are often added in to create a variety of lovely moves for a wedding day dance.

The American Smooth is also fantastic to learn if you are going on a cruise ! We are fortunate to have lovely spacious dance floors here at our studios, however, if you are learning for a cruise then the dance floors might not be quite so roomy! This makes the American Smooth such a fabulous dance for cruises as it is compact, rhythmical and stylish and easy to maneuver around a crowded floor! It can also be danced when the band is playing foxtrot music, which means you get two dances for the price of one!

What Steps are there to learn?

  • Forward Basic
  • Backward Basic
  • Promenade Walks
  • Spiral Turns (for the lady)
  • Pivot Turns

All of these figures are taught on our beginner’s lessons with simple to follow, clear instruction. We always make sure the men are comfortable with the steps and emphasise how to lead as this makes dancing together so enjoyable. Couples are also taught how to hold in Ballroom and how to create a lovely poise with emphasis also on teaching the ladies how to follow their guy!

What Classes are There

American smooth is one of the first Ballroom dances taught on all of our Beginners Ballroom & Latin Classes.



Tuesday 7:15pm Beginner Ballroom
Friday 7:30pm Beginner Ballroom & Latin

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