Tap Dancing

It is hard to define exactly where tap dancing has originated from as it has so many dance influences including African, Irish, Spanish and English roots dating back years, what is clear that it is great fun and fabulous exercise! The dance found fame when it was included in the vaudeville shows with the likes of the brilliant Fred Astaire, Ginger Roberts, and Gene Kelly to name a few.

Tap dancing is always great fun and a fabulous way of using expression to create both brilliant dance moves and music with your feet! The percussive sounds that tap shoes create provide the dancer with a fantastic way of developing rhythm, timing, and coordination and the physical excursion used dancing is a great way of building strength and stamina.

Children’s Classes

All of our children love putting on their first pair of ‘noisy’ shoes and learning how to make fascinating rhythms with their feet. Following the syllabus from the IDTA we offer the opportunity to take exams at every level and also to take part in school shows and productions. During tap lessons, our pupils are taught set exercises starting with simple foot patterns making strong musical beats and building up to intricate footwork creating incredible rhythms which are used to enhance their dancing abilities.

Tuesday 4:30 – 5.15pm Primary Tap and Musical Theatre (5 – 10 years)

To ensure the very best tuition and attention for each child places are limited on our Junior Tap class. We, therefore, ask that you please contact the studios today to book your space.