The Samba is a lively carnival dance originating from Brazil. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is famous for all the Samba dancing and flamboyant costumes involved in the festivities. The Music has both Latin American and African roots and is made up of a variety of colourful rhythms creating contrasting hip and bounce actions. The Samba seen in the Latin dance competitions and on social dance floors today stems from the Street Samba seen in South American cities such as Rio.

Get the Carnival feel!

The Samba is a very lively dance with tiny footwork and distinct hip movements to create that carnival feel! It is great fun for all ages to enjoy with its festive music and happy feeling. As Samba is a fast dance with alot of body action it is usually taught once our pupils reach an improver level.

The Samba is often one of the most popular dances for our Juniors as they love the fast music and movements however we always appreciate that many couples can feel shy and self conscious when learning it. We therefore always strive to make it simple to follow, great fun and never make you do anything that makes you look or feel silly! If nothing else it is fabulous exercise!

What Steps are there to Learn?

In your first Samba lessons you will learn the:

  • Reverse Basic
  • Whisks
  • Locks
  • Criss Cross Voltas
  • Botafogas

The figures are always taught with emphasis on the man and ladies steps as well as how to lead and follow with ease.

When we advance a little more, you will learn the:

  • Samba Walks
  • Volta Turns
  • Shadow Position
  • Foot Changes
  • Roll off the Arm

We always continue to work on the Man’s lead as this is just as difficult and important as the steps themselves, so ladies you have to be patient! The more advanced classes are always fun and have a wonderful social atmosphere!

There are many more fun and popular steps to learn in the Samba and as with all our improvers and intermediate classes nothing is ever taught in the same order, our classes are always tailored to the individual group!

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