Hip Hop Dancing!

Hiphop dancing is evolving every day with new styles popping up from all over the place as it grows and grows in popularity! There are many different styles that make up hiphop dancing from popping and locking, breaking and even spinning on your head!! The music originates from an urban background with as many different styles of music as there are styles of dance! 

What do you Learn?

It is such a fabulous form of dance to increase confidence, with both adults and children. It is also a fantastic way of letting your little ones have “attitude and strength” but expressed in a positive way! HipHop dancing uses and tones every single muscle in your body with a mixture of big bold movements and teeny tiny sharp movements which are great to get your brains in gear and your feet moving fast! Both our adult and Junior HipHop dance classes aim to inspire each and every member and bring out the very best in everyone!

Junior Hip Hop Classes!

Monday 5:00pm BRAND NEW Freestyle Class. Starting 22nd September

For Juniors for all ages 5 years and upwards. Boys and Girls are both welcome to join in the fun!

Thursday 5:00pm – 5:45pm Video Pop Star Dance Class

This new dance class for pre-teens teaches you your favourite routines from your favourite chart-topping pop stars! Boys & Girls welcome!

Thursday 4:15pm – 5:00pm All Boys Street Dance

Junior boys start from 5years and up in this funky hip hop dance class!

Saturday 12:30pm – 1:30pm Junior Urban Dance Class

Children age 6 – 16 years at all levels are welcome to come along and learn some fresh and funky dance routines! Pay As You Go All Year Round!

Hip Hop lessons are also available by appointment.  Please book any private lessons in advance.