Salsa is a fun and fabulous dance that has taken inspiration from all the other Latin American Dances and has now evolved into an energetic and unique dance in its own right.

There are many styles of Salsa including Cross Body, Cuban and LA and we teach a mixture of everything at the basic level. One of the most important things to teach in Salsa dancing is that everything is kept very relaxed as there is more of a club style feel to the dance, which is a great contrast to the other traditional Ballroom and Latin dances.

The music is energetic as is the dance so it is a great way to keep fit as well as have fun! Our pupils of all ages love learning the Salsa as they can have fun, relax and really let go to the Latin American sounds of the Salsa music.


New Beginner Latin Class Tuesday 8:15pm

Come along and see how much fun learning to Salsa can be!
Both couples and singles are welcome!
No previous experience is needed!

Private Tuition is also available by appointment.

Please contact the studio to book a one-to-one lesson or any dance class.