Argentine Tango!

The Argentine Tango is a very popular dance this year as many students feel inspired by shows from the likes of Vincent and Flavia who have brought Tango back to life again. There are many styles of Argentine Tango, and it has been slowly adapted to suit the Ballroom floors that we tend to dance on in England rather than basement clubs which makes it easier than ever to get started with this fabulous dance. There is such passion and great storytelling with the dance of the Argentine Tango and it definitely breaks all the conventional rules of Ballroom dancing such as direction, a set rhythm and a very different poise so it is a refreshing and challenging addition to the other popular dances.

What steps are there to learn?

Beginner Lessons

In your first Argentine Tango lessons, we like to create an intimate atmosphere to get you in the mood for the Tango! It has a very unique style so we demonstrate how to create the special hold and poise before starting with some of the following dance moves, although we are simply grateful if you can remember the steps at the first!

  • Salida
  • Reverse Start
  • Gancho
  • Resolution
  • Ocho
  • Embellishments


Improver lessons

Once you have learnt how to make your way around the floor with this beautiful dance we move onto some more tricky steps that will certainly impress your friends at home! 

  • Hero
  • Sandwich
  • Sentada
  • Reverse Turn

We always continue to help our couples lead and follow each other, to make dancing together so enjoyable. We also work on adding stylish embellishments along the way to really wow your friends!

When do we start?

Argentine Tango is one of the popular dances covered for a series of weeks on our Beginners Latin and Ballroom classes, and also as part of all of our Improver’s Dance classes. Contact the studios to see which night we are next teaching the Argentine Tango…

new beginners adult dance classes for 2020

Tuesday 7:15pm –  Beginner Ballroom

Tuesday 8:15pm – Beginner Latin

Friday 7:30pm Beginner Ballroom and Latin 

Private Tuition is also available by appointment.