Street Dance

Street dance is an umbrella term covering a whole number of different styles of dance that originated from an urban background such as popping and locking, house, hiphop and wacking. All styles of street dance are energetic, fresh and funky and are constantly evolving as new moves are always being created and boundaries are always being pushed and broken. Street Dancing is great fun for both adults and children to be involved in as it builds confidence, coordination and fitness!

What Classes Are there?


Thursday 5:00pm – 5:45pm Pop Video and Star Dance Class

Great class for pre-teens that teaches you your favourite routines from your favourite chart-topping stars! Boys and girls love this class!

Thursday 4:15pm– 5:00pm All Boys Street Dance

Junior boys start from 5 years and up in this funky hip hop/Street dance class!

Saturday 12:30pm– 1:30pm Junior Urban Dance Class

Children age 6 – 16 years at all levels are welcome to come along and learn some fresh and funky dance routines! Pay As You Go All Year Round! Both boys and girls attend and love this class!