Many people attend dance classes in preparation for a cruise so they can join in on the dance floor. Many of our current pupils carry on dancing for years after their first cruise as they enjoy it so much. It is a fantastic hobby and once you get started most people find it hard to stop! There is no need to worry if you think you have two left feet, we are committed to making sure everybody that attends our classes leave feeling stylish and confident!


What Dance classes are best for us?

On all of our beginner’s classes, the most popular dances that are played on cruises are taught including the Waltz, the American Smooth, the Rumba, some sequence and many more dances throughout the course.

We recommend starting dancing a few months ahead of your cruise to allow yourselves enough time to learn a few different dances. This gives you plenty of time to feel comfortable with the steps and confident enough to get up on the ships dance floor!

There is also the option of private tuition to learn to dance for cruises, where we can tailor your dancing specifically to your needs. This is a great option if you have not got long left before you sail off!


Brand new beginners classes 2019

Monday 8:20pm
Wednesday 7:00pm
Friday 7:30pm

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