The Rumba is the slowest of the five Latin American dances, but this by no means makes it the easiest. It is the dance of the body and soul rather than of fancy footwork with both African and Spanish roots. There are fewer steps than in some of the other Latin dances and a slower more exaggerated body action for those that are keen to get their hips rolling. This slow and sensual movement uses up the music and is contrasted with long, sharp pauses from the feet to create a romantic and fiery dance.

The Rumba portrays a powerful love story when performed on stage or in competition however in a social setting it can be a lovely and gentle dance, perfect for bringing couples closer to enjoy together. This makes it a popular choice for first wedding dances as it has such a romantic appeal.

What You’ll Learn

On all our beginner’s classes, we teach the basic figures with easy to follow step-by-step instruction, including demonstrations, repetition of moves and ample practice time on our spacious dance floor. From the beginning, our aim is to make learning to dance as easy as possible in a fun, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, providing fantastic exercise and proven health benefits.

From your first dance lesson, our team of professional teachers will guide you through the first steps of the Rumba and leave you looking good, feeling confident and itching to get back on the dance floor!

What are Rumba moves?

To start with, for the beginner’s you will learn to dance:

  • Basic
  • Underarm/ Spot Turns
  • New Yorks
  • Shoulder to shoulder
  • Circular Walks

These are always taught individually with emphasis on both the man and ladies steps making it accessible for everybody to learn. All the moves are then put together into a fun routine for all to enjoy!

For the Improver’s we advance onto more complicated steps including:

  • The Fan
  • Alemana Turn
  • Hockey Stick
  • Top and Hip Twist
  • Cucaracha

We always continue to work on and improve our couples hold, poise and finesse whilst maintaining the emphasis on having fun in all improver’s classes! No class is identical to another as we always tailor to the individual needs of each group in a personal and social environment.

Rumba is one of the popular dances covered for a whole month on our absolute beginner’s classes. The Rumba 1 party dance is also taught on beginners classes. 

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