The Waltz is one of the most well-known and definitely the most requested of the Ballroom dances, almost everybody has heard of the timing 1-2-3, 1-2-3. It is a classic Ballroom dance that is both beautiful and elegant and is enjoyed by couples of all age groups and proves very popular as a choice for Wedding Dance Couples. 
Whether it is danced at a professional or competitive level or on a more relaxed and romantic social dance floor there is no doubt that it is a magical dance. The basics consist of three little steps making a box shape on the floor. However never be fooled by how simple professional dancers can make this look, the Waltz can be one of the more difficult Ballroom dances to learn. There is a unique rise and fall to the waltz and once you advance past the box step it is made up of lots of turn’s constantly changing direction as you float round and round the floor. 

What you’ll learn..

The waltz is a smooth and slow dance which is always very popular when taught at any level on our adult classes. On our beginner’s classes, we always get you both dancing the forward and backwards box steps before we advance to turning. Learning to dance the Waltz can be harder than it looks but we have lots of helpful tips to make it easy to pick up and have lots of experience of what steps to piece together to make it fun to learn and lovely to dance! The hard work is always worth it once you have the confidence to step out and Waltz your partner right around the floor!

What moves are there?

During our beginner’s dance lessons we pick a few of the following figures to start…
  • Closed Change step (Basic)
  • Natural Turn 
  • Natural Turn with Hesitation
  • Reverse Turn
  • Whisk and Chasse
  • Natural Spin Turn

These steps are added gradually as you gain more and more confidence to spin and whisk your partner round the floor. All the steps are taught with clear, easy to follow instruction and demonstrations with plenty of time and space to practice after.

Once you have mastered the starter moves you will learn some of the following…
  • Weave from promenade
  • Natural Impetus Turn
  • Closed Wing
  • Outside Change
  • Backward lockstep

These steps are always taught with an emphasis on how to lead and follow each figure to make dancing together as easy and enjoyable as possible. On Improvers dance classes we always try to make you look as stylish as possible by helping to improve your poise, balance and rythm.
There are always many more interesting and complicated moves to advance onto after these, which are covered in both personal tuition and intermediate classes.

When do we start?

The Waltz is one of the most popular and highly requested dances taught on our absolute beginners Ballroom and Latin classes.

NEW Beginner Classes

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Tuesday 7:15pm Beginner Ballroom
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Come along with or without a partner and see how much fun learning to dance can be!

Private Tuition is also available by appointment.

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