Viennese Waltz

The Viennese waltz is a beautiful and elegant ballroom dance that rotates right round the floor leaving you feeling quite dizzy if you’re not careful! It originated in Vienna in the late 18th Century and is where the other slower versions of the Waltz have developed from. When it was first danced it was considered by many to be quite scandulous as the man and lady danced so close together for the first time! The dance is made up of continuous circles changing from left to right with basic steps interlinked. Once you have mastered how not to get dizzy whilst spinning around it is always such fun to dance! 

What you’ll learn…

When Viennese Waltz is taught on our classes we pay particular attention to the size of the steps, speed of the music and teaching couples how to whiz round in control and not get dizzy! As this dance is so difficult to learn we wait until our pupils reach an intermediate level before we venture into the whirling world of viennese waltz.


What Steps Are There?

Traditionally there were only the following steps in the Viennese Waltz

  • Natural Turn
  • Reverse Turn
  • Change Step

More recently advanced steps such as the following have been added in 

  • Natural Fleckle
  • Reverse Fleckle
  • Conta Check
  • Under Arm Turns

The traditional steps are always taught first, with particular emphasis on how to stay together as a couple when rotating round the floor. It is always a challenge when we try Viennese Waltz but it is defintiely worth the effort as it so much fun to dance and with our expert teaching team we have the class whizzing round in no time.