The Quickstep is a bright and zippy dance which when seen in competition can include lots of hops, skips, and jumps across the dance floor… however, we are grateful just to get you all moving around the floor together before we try any or leaps or jumps! It is an exciting and energetic dance with a prominent sideways action and lock steps making up the basics of the dance. It originated from the foxtrot in the 1920’s era of rag-time jazz music and has developed from there into a faster-paced dance. 

What you’ll learn

Quickstep is a lovely dance to enjoy together as you feel like you are whizzing around the floor to fantastic music. On all our beginner’s dance classes we teach everybody how to zip around and stay in control at the same time, otherwise, it can be chaos on the dance floor! Quickstep is one of the first Ballroom dances that we teach on our absolute beginner’s lessons. We tend to spend a whole month learning the first few moves with our fabulous teaching team easing you through each dance move with simple to follow demonstrations and clear instruction.

What steps are there? 

In your first Quickstep lessons, you will learn..
  • Forward Basic
  • Backward Basic 
  • Forward Lock
  • Hesitation Turn
  • Spin Turn

All the steps are taught with the emphasis on both the man and ladies steps including helping you learn to lead and follow each other. As the quickstep is a fast dance we always adjust the speed of the music when you are first learning, so do not worry if you don’t think your feet can move that fast!

Once you advance a little further you will learn..
  • V-six
  • Charleston
  • Backward locks
  • Pendulums
  • Running Finish

And many more exciting moves!

All of the improvers dance classes cover new steps and party dances at a steady pace with each class receiving unique instruction and a bubbly atmosphere! As you improve we help to improve poise and body positioning to make your dancing as effortless as possible!

When can we start?

Quickstep is one of the Ballroom dances that is covered on our new absolute beginner’s Ballroom and Latin dance classes.

new Beginner Classes 2020

Tuesday 7:15pm Beginner Ballroom 

Friday 7:30pm Beginner Ballroom and Latin 

Come along with or without a partner and join in the fun!

Private Tuition is also available by appointment with any of our fully qualified dance teachers.

Please contact the studios today to book a lesson or a class.