The foxtrot is a beauitful and smooth dance that once mastered should feel like silk. It is made up of a series of forward and backward walks, which are ideally stretched out to float around the floor. The foxtrot has influences from a number of different dances originating in the early 20th century and was danced to early rag time music. The dance is still so popular today as the music is so wonderful to dance to, it has evolved from jazz to big band to swing and many more styles with fantastic melodies making it a joy to dance.

What you’ll learn..

To turn forward and backwards walks into a silky smooth dance is always difficult so we wait until you reach an improver level before we start this dance. As a couple you dance very close together in this dance, which can be quite scary in the beginning, so it is always easier to master once you have already tried some of the other Ballroom dances. Our brilliant and patient teachers will guide you through how to glide effortlessly round the floor as we introduce each step to help make your dancing lovely and light.

What Are the Steps to the foxtrot?

In your frist lessons on Foxtrot you will learn some of the following…
  • Feather Step
  • Heel Turns
  • 3 Step
  • Reverse Turn
  • Natural Turn
  • Impetus Turn

There are a number of different amalgamations of these steps and we always pick one way for each class and stick to it. This makes it as easy as possible to dance around the floor together, then we gradually add more steps as your confidence increases. 

As you advance a little further we add some of the following moves…
  • Basic Weave
  • Natural Weave
  • Change of Direction
  • Hover Cross
  • Telemark
  • Outside Swivel

On all our improvers classes we like to get you looking good and feeling great. We always make sure everybody is confident with one step before moving on to next with emphasis on how to lead and follow around the floor. 

There are many more fun and complicated moves to this dance which are tackled on our intermediate classes and private lessons. It is such a challenging dance that there is always improvement to be made, even with the most advanced dancers, so we are very passionate about getting all our pupils dancing to the best of their ability whilst having lots of fun! 


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