Ballroom Tango is a sharp and dynamic dance with a strong and compact hold and a staccato rhythm creating a very passionate dance! When danced at a high level the man and lady should feel each other’s legs passing underneath them throughout to maintain the closeness of the Tango. The Tango has a slightly different style to the other Ballroom dances which make is great fun to learn and helps to improve the strength needed for all Ballroom dancing.

Tango is one of the popular dances covered on our Adult Beginners Dance Classes. As the hold and style are so different from the other dances we always try to get everybody in the Tango mood before we try any steps! With expert tuition from our professional teachers, we will have you all dancing the passionate Tango in no time!

What Steps Are There?

During your first dance lessons, you will learn some of the following moves…
  • Tango Walks
  • Link
  • Promenade Close
  • Tango Rocks
  • Reverse Turn

These figures are always taught with clear instruction and demonstrations with an emphasis on both the man and ladies steps. We always make sure everybody is comfortable with one step before moving onto the next.

As you move onto an improver stage you will learn some of the following…
  • Outside Swivel
  • Twist Turn
  • Natural Turn
  • OverSway

As with every improvers class we always move at the right pace for the individual group! So do not worry if you think you might get left behind, there is always somebody here to help! 

When do We Start?

Tango is one of the many popular dances covered on our Absolute Beginners Ballroom and Latin classes which are currently…


Brand New Beginners Classes 2020!

Monday 7:15pm Beginners Ballroom 
Monday 8:15pm  Beginners Latin

Friday 7:30pm Beginners Ballroom and Latin 


Private Tuition is also available by appointment.

Please contact the studios to book your space today!