The Slow rhythm is a gentle and romantic ballroom dance that travels smoothly around the floor. The dance is a more adaptable and social version of the foxtrot, that can be danced to anything from pop music to Michael Buble to Frank Sinatra! It is ideal on a crowded floor as the steps are so compact. The Slow Rhytm is the perfect dance for Wedding Couples as it has a very romantic feel and doesn’t have to look too flashy. We often have to adapt the timing and steal some extra steps from the other Ballroom and Latin dances, but it is a great start to any wedding dance.

When can we start?

Slow Rhythm is taught on all our beginner’s classes as it is a fantastic introduction to Ballroom dancing. The steps are simple, compact and easy to learn which makes them perfect for any new dancer! All of our absolute beginner’s classes are taught with great patience and passion making learning to dance such an enjoyable hobby for any couple to take part in together!

beginners classes 2020

Monday 7:15pm Beginner Ballroom

Friday 7:30pm Beginner Ballroom and Latin 

Come along with or without a partner and join in the fun of learning to dance! Contact the studios today to find out more or book your space.

Private tuition is also available by appointment.